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33 Safety Equipment

HYDROSTATIC RELEASE Unit 自动离托装置(静水压力释放器)
TypeMaterialRelease depthRelease Pulling force
JSQ-C1Stainless steel2-4M185kg
JSQ-DStrengthen nylon 662-4M185kg

Life Jacket(船用救生衣)
BuoyancyScope of application
≥103For all kinds of shipping to load onto ship

Lifebuoys 救生圈


1、Out diameter710mm Inner diameter440mm
2、It be capable of supporting not less than 14.5kg of moron in fresh water for period of 24hr
3、It have a mass of not less than 2.5kg


1、Out diameter710mm Inner diameter440mm
2、It be capable of supporting not less than 14.5kg of moron in fresh water for period of 24hr
3、It have a mass of not less than 4.0kg

Lifejacket light 救生衣灯 

DFYD-L-A、DFYD-L-B 1 Lifejacket light

DFYD-L-B 2 Lifejacket light

DFYD-L-BLifejacket light

DFYD-L-BLifejacket light

Technical parameter

Lighting Intensity≥0.75cd≥0.75cd≥0.75cd
Working time≥8 hours≥8 hours≥8 hours
Working Voltage2.9V6V6V
Store the environment temperature-30℃~+65℃-30℃~+65℃-30℃~+65℃
working environment temperature-1℃~+30℃-1℃~+30℃-1℃~+30℃
Lighting TypeOften LightFlash LightFlash Light
Flashing frequency----50-70times/minute50-70times/minute
Lighting colorWhiteWhiteWhite
Weight(including the battery)≥128g


Term ofvalidity of battery5yearsThe alkaline drycell No.5,that use th tem of validity of battery serves as the standard5years

Lifebuoys 救生圈

DFFD-96-B3 Light for Life raftafts

DFFD-96-B2 Light for Life raftafts

DEFD-96-B1 Light for Life raftafts

Type Technical parameterDFFD-96-B1DFFD-96-B2DFFD-96-B3
Lighting Intensity≥4.3cd≥4.3cd≥4.3cd
Working time≥12 hours≥12hours≥12 hours
Lighting TypeOften LightFlash of lightFlash of light
Flashing frequency50-70 times/minute50-70 times/minute50-70 times/minute
term of validity of battery3years3years3years

Lifejacket light 救生衣灯 

Lifeboat Matches

Safety Knife


Lifeboat raft grain ration 救生口粮

Rocket Parachute Flares

Nameluminous IntensityFlare timeLaunching height
Rocket Parachute Signal≥30000cd≥40s≥300m

Air respirator/resuscitator

TypeWorking pressure of the gas cylinderVolume
of the gas cylinder
tolerance of storingservice timewarning pressureweightpacking the size
a.305150040-504-6≤12755× 460 ×290

755× 460 ×290

c.306.8204050-604-6≤10755× 460 ×290

Air compressed emergency escape breathing device




type of products and bottle of air store atmospheric pressure strength21Mpa21Mpa
sustain service time≥10mins≥15mins
products weight≤6kg≤8kg

Fire Bucket

Hose compartment


floating ring


Shore connector

Flameproof lamp

Insulated immersion and thermal protective suits
The time of wearing<2min><!--2min<-->
preserve temperature-30℃-+65℃
the size of specificationL type:Suitable for height above of 175m.
Stype:Suited to being fewer than 175mperson.
waterproof performanceperson floating in water An hour, the inflow water in the clothes is smaller than 200g.
heat preservation specialityThe persins who wear soak for 6 hours in quiet rivers of 0-2 degrees Centigrade,the body temperature will not reduced over 2 degrees Centigrade.
buoyancy performanceperson who wear it can look through to face upward position within 5 seconds,mouthfuls of nose above surface 120mm,soaking for 24 hours in water,its buoyancy loss is below 5 degrees Centigrade.


Hose Couplings 皮笼接头(330851-330880)

Reducing Hose Couplings

Reducing Hose Couplings

Slotted V-Gard Safety Helmet 安全帽

NameLuminous IntensityFlare timeLaunching height
Rocket Parachute Signal≥30000cd≥40s≥300m


Wearing time <2min><!--2min
Storage temperature -30℃-65℃
Temperature appliable -1 +30℃
Size L:for a wearer 1.75~1.90m tall?
S:for wearer under 1.75m tall

Warm performance After the suit being soaked in smooth water at 0℃-2℃ for 6 hours,the body temperature drop of the wearer should be less than 2℃ Buoyancy The wearer can turn round in 5seconds to keep a safe floating position with the face up ward and the mouth above water at least 120mm.the buoyance loss should be less than 5% after the suit being soaked for 24 hours

Net weight 5±0.5kg(CCS CERTIFICATE)

Sea Anchors 救生艇海锚

For Lifeboat

For Liferaft

Lifeboat Rowlocks 救生艇浆叉

Whistle 330252

Jack Knives 救生艇小刀

Fishing Tackles 救生艇钓鱼具

Fishing Tackles 救生艇钓鱼具

Dringking Water 救生艇饮用水

Lifebuoy Self-Activating Smoke Light 救生圈用自己发烟发光信号

NameLuminous intensityWorking timeFlare time
Lifebuoy Self-igniting Light≥2cd≥2 hours≥15min

Lifebuoy light

Type Technical parameterDFQD-L-ADFQD-l-B
Luminous intensity≥2cd≥2cd
Working time≥2hours≥2hours
Working voltage2.9V6V
Specified parameter of the bulb2.5V0.9A4.8V0.9A
Store the environment temperature-30℃~+65℃-30℃~+65℃
Working environment temperature-1℃~+30℃-1℃~+30℃
Lighting TypeOften LightFlash of light
Flashing frequency----50-70 times/minute
Lighting ColorWhiteWhite
Weight(including the battery)460g550g
Term of validity of battery3years3years